About us

Since 1966 Delprodukt has established itself as a leading supplier of mechanical services. We offer a wide range of services within machining, metal sheet processing, welding, surface treatment and assembly, and we can produce everything from prototypes to serial production; from simple parts to complex structures.


The Delprodukt production facility is located on the E6 motorway, 20 km`s south of Trondheim. The production premises are divided into two locations, with a total indoor area of almost 7000 square meters.


With our modern and flexible machinery, long experience and broad expertise, we are ready to embark on new assignments.



Delprodukt are always looking for talented individuals with relevant expertise. Vacancies are available at


All our operators and welders are fully qualified and certified.

Ethics and values

Our ethical guidelines and corporate social responsibility provide structure for our personal behaviour and business practices. They define the framework ensuring that we act in accordance to relevant legislation, internal guidelines and our core values.

We strive to be ambitious for our own, and our customers', behalf based on our values. We have maintained our reputation through our maintaining and championing our values for our customers and other partners.

Our values are

  • Adaptability
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation
  • Quality consciousness

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